What Size (Xtracycle)?

Xtracycles has been making cool longtail bikes for a while. In that time they’ve refined models, discontinued some, and added others. With all that change, not everything remains consistent, including what '“Small”, “Medium”, or “Large” means. The sizing protocol used on their bikes just a couple of years ago is different from the current models.

Older model EdgeRunners were offered in a couple of frame sizes. But, new (2018 or newer) EdgeRunners, Stokers, and RFA’s have only ONE frame size. The sizing options for these bikes that you see listed on their website refers to the cockpit fit not the frame. In other words, you can choose long, medium, or short reach stems that change how far you have to reach to the handlebars. Along with the stem length, the L, M, or S, package will also have a long, medium, or short seat post.

Xtracycle offers a chart to recommend sizing. While that’s a good starting point, we don’t recommend relying on just that chart to pick the stem /seatpost length. For example, I am a 5’8” female and absolutely require the Large stem. There are other exceptions too.

Classic geometry.png

Something else to keep in mind is bike geometry. Geometry also affects ride and style but it can help you get the fit you want. A rider looking for a short reach and upright position may find it easier to get a comfortable fit on an Edgerunner or RFA. But, that can also be true on the Stoker depending on the rider’s proportions. You can view geometry for the Swoop, Classic, RFA, and Stoker on the Xtracycle website.

So, if you are purchasing an Xtracycle from us, we can help you determine which bike and stem/seatpost size is best for you. There are several variables to consider besides your overall height and we’re happy to provide guidance in determining what will give you the best fit.