Looking for 1 year interest-free financing?

We know it's a bit unusual but you won't find in-house financing with flashy offers at Splendid Cycles. Did you know that 1 in 5 (that's 20 percent) of the borrowers who use in-house, free interest programs really do pay interest. That's because they don't pay off the loan in the interest-free period. That means they are not only paying interest to a finance company, they are paying interest at an exorbitant rate! We just can't be part of that system. We keep looking for the finance company that will give our customers low interest rates and we haven't found it. So we've opted not to offer such programs.


The good news is that Portland has several credit unions that offer bike loans at affordable rates.  

We bank with Consolidated Community Credit Union (CCCU) and can gush for hours about how wonderful this institution has been to us and our customers. When we opened our Splendid business account at CCCU we asked if they offered bike loans. The immediate answer was, "no, but let me check into that." Within a week we received a call from them telling us that they had created a bike loan program. Since then we've had many happy customers purchase their cargo or electric bike using their bike loan program.

But perhaps CCCU isn't convenient or your vibe. Don't fret, there are other local credit unions with bike loans available. Here are a couple:

Point West


So while you may not offer you 90-days same as cash, we can offer you the option of  working with a local credit union who supports local customers, invests into local economies, and offers moderate interest terms that are fair for all.