Our Community

Sure, we’re a bike shop but we see our community as broader than that. Maybe it’s because we ride bicycles everyday we see and connect with those on and off two wheels. We know that bike infrastructure, regulations, and awareness needs improvement everywhere, even in Portland, Oregon. To us, advocacy starts with getting people on bikes, sharing ideas on how to knit bicycles into your life, and inspiring you to ride. We think Filmed by Bike does that too, so they are one of the local groups we support. It’s a film festival, but it is also a bike advocacy group!

Where we see the greatest need for our help is among those actually living on the street. We believe in supporting grassroots organizations that are reaching out to that segment of our community via bicycle. We believe that many of the issues our community is facing will only be solved through the actions of groups like Street Books and Portland Street Medicine. That’s why we’re supporting them and encouraging you to support them too. Please take a moment, follow the links below, and learn a little bit about the great work these non-profit groups do. And if you’re inspired volunteer or donate at a level that’s appropriate for you.

Filmed by bike.png

Filmed By Bike

One organization that inspires us with a different kind of bike advocacy is Filmed by Bike. Their mission according to Ayleen Crotty, Festival Director, is “…. inspiring a culture where cycling is woven seamlessly into everyday life…There is no way someone can leave the theater without being inspired to ride their bike more! This is such a creative, fun way to showcase active living and everyday cycling.

Films and the images and emotions they portray reach beyond many of the cultural dichotomies that might constrain imagination. We think the more people see cycling as normal, as approachable for everyone, the more we’ll see bike-specific advocacy making a difference.

In addition, Filmed By Bike makes their curated collection of movies available to groups for fundraising events. These events also help build community and that’s something we really love!


Street Books

We love books. We love bikes. What’s not to love about an organization that combines these two things in a way that strengthens our community!

This group of volunteers takes their book lending library to the streets via two wheels. With regular hours and locations patrons can check out books just as they would at a brick-and-mortar library. However, no permanent address is required to get a library card, nor are due dates enforced. Instead connections are forged over book selections and literary conversations.

Through a shared love of books, Street Books strives to empower people on the streets through access to literature creating a community of support for people living outside. And that’s a mission we’re proud to support.

Portland Street Medicine 2.jpg

Portland Street Medicine

A Portland, Oregon-based coalition of volunteer medical providers, social workers, care managers, and lay people, Portland Street Medicine is dedicated to reaching our most forgotten citizens.

Portland has many social service agencies but getting care often requires travel which can be difficult for those living on the street. Portland Street Medicine does the traveling, often on foot or bicycle, taking treatment to the patient: basically, they make house calls. They also make regular rounds visiting those they know are in need continuing care.

Their mission is: To provide quality medical care to Portland citizens who are facing unstable housing or are sleeping on the streets. We think this hard-working group of volunteers provides much more! They work hard to make connections with their patients, listening, providing medical care, but also providing hope and dignity. We believe those are basic human rights, so we believe in supporting Portland Street Medicine.